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Thursday, 31 December 2015

6 Salient Economic Importance Of Bryophytes


Bryophytes are species which belong to the plant kingdom and are popularly known as 'Amphibians' of the Plant Kingdom. Nevertheless, their popularity and usefulness doesn't end here, rather it begins from here!

Bryophytes are of great ecological importance (which is deliberately needed in this black environment).

What is special about the Bryophytes?

1. These bryophytes do astonishing things which probably other species can't do, like Mosses and lichens are the first organisms to colonize rocks. They colonize parched rocks and exposed areas of hills, making them peachy for growing angiospermic and many more plants by depositing a rich humus soil and plant debris. Ultimately, this leads in establishment of shrubs and trees and hence the whole area gets converted into dense wood.

2. Mosses act as inspector of soil erosion. They form dense mats on the soil, reduce the speed of falling raindrops and avoids soil erosion. The most interesting fact is, they form quacking bogs. These bogs are later turned into swamps and finally they are taken over by the forest grown of mesophytic type.

3. Mosses also provide food for herbaceous mammals, birds and other animals. They decompose rocks and make the substrate suitable for the growth of higher plants. Apart from this, dried mosses are put to use as packing material. These mosses make a pretty good material in the case of glass-ware and other fragile goods and hence are used in trans-shipment of living material.

4. Bryophytes are amazingly used in seed beds. As the peat mosses (synonymous to species of Sphagnum) have incredible power to absorb and hold water as sponge does, they are largely utilized in seed beds and green house for root cutting. These also minimizes high soil acidity that is vital for certain plants.

5. They are used as a source of fuel. The dried peat, potential source of coal, is used as fuel in Ireland, Scotland and many other European countries. In colder places, the lower region of peat becomes carbonized. As years pass on, this is available in the form of coal (invest now get the fruits later).

6. Bryophytes have extended their hands even in medical field. The sphagnum plants are slightly anti-septic and possess superior absorption power. With these properties, bryophytes can be used in hospitals for filling absorbent bandages instead of cotton.

The list goes endless, but now we are sure that next time you think about Bryophytes you will surely remember the uses of theirs too!

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