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Friday, 23 January 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar: 18 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar | How Apple Cider Vinegar is Helpful

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an impressively versatile ingredient. It seems there are only few household problems that the apple cider vinegar can't solve. It has countless uses beyond the occasional salad dressing. Try the following list and even you'll find yourself getting incorporated with apple cider vinegar!

1. Apple cider vinegar is a natural and cheap toner for your skin, as it neutralizes the pH and makes your skin smooth and soft. If the smell is very strong, then mix with water in the ratio 1:1 and wipe over your face.

2. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar to condition your hair is really necessary to neutralize the overly basic soda after the regular shampoo. Moreover, it adds extra conditioning and makes your hair shiny. (See uses of baking soda)

3. A cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in bathtub can calm itchy skin and reduce sunburns.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar is the best natural soothing aftershave. Mix it in 1:1 ratio with water and apply to your face.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar aids digestion too. A tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water before meals calms intestinal spasms. It contains pectin that can fight bacteria that cause diarrhea.

6. Applying concentrated apple cider vinegar can cure toe fungus and warts. For warts, tape on an Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton ball for an overnight.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar over-stimulates the nerves responsible for spasms and stops hiccups.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar kills germs that cannot survive in acidic environment and cures your sore throat. Gargle with 1:1 ratio of Apple Cider Vinegar and water.

9. A tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water can clear the nasal passages. The acetic acid kills bacteria and the potassium present in Apple Cider Vinegar thins the mucus.

10. Spraying 1:1 ratio mix of Apple Cider Vinegar and water on your scalp eliminates dandruff. Soak it for fifteen minutes and then rinse out.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar reduces the swelling of swollen body parts.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar boosts your energy when you drink a solution of ACV and glass of water. It contains potassium and enzymes that stops the sense of exhaustion.

13. Gargling Apple Cider Vinegar in water for ten minutes can help you get rid of bad breath.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar is used to make homemade facial masks. Mix it with honey and bentonite clay, and apply it on your skin. Leave it for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

15. Concentrated Apple Cider Vinegar is used to treat liver spots on skin. Apply on the skin and leave it overnight.

16. Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural deodorant which helps in neutralizing bad odours.

17. Apple Cider Vinegar is used to clean houses. Mix it with water in a spray bottle and clean with a fresh cloth. (See how citrus fruits can be used to clean homes)

18. The big trouble teens find is acne. Apple Cider Vinegar in water in the ratio 1:4 is used to treat acne. (See other ways to treat acne)


What further uses do you have for Apple Cider Vinegar? Share it with us.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Anti-theft Technology Inspired by Bombardier Beetle | Bombardier Beetle Defense Mechanism in Anti-theft Technology

Bombardier Beetle

It is awesome to hear that the insects have got self defense mechanism. There may be many insects with that feature. But the bombardier beetle has a very advanced defense mechanism. It is an ordinary beetle that exists in all continents except the Antarctica. The bombardier beetle liberates a chemical spray that makes predators run away when it is provoked.

How does the Bombardier Beetle do that?

This 1 centimeter long bombardier beetle stores hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone in two separate compartments of its abdomen. These two chemicals are released in a reaction chamber and mix with enzymes and it is brought to high temperature, almost near to the boiling point of water. The heat triggers an explosion of these chemicals and sprayed at the other animal. This special feature of bombardier beetle kills ants and frightens frogs.

Inspiration from the Bombardier Beetle

This process inspired the researchers at ETH Zurich. They designed a film that liberates a hot foam when spoiled. It consists of layers of honeycomb like structures which has manganese dioxide or hydrogen peroxide, which are stacked on top of other. The substances combine and liberate a hot foam (up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit) when the film is punctured.

Wendelin Jan Stark, a professor working in the ETH Department of Chemistry says,

"You will notice how impasse the technology is, when you see how beautifully the nature resolves the problems"

The film could be used as a theft and vandalism damper for ATM machines. The researchers have designed a film that contained a blue dye and DNA particles. When it is meddled or tampered, the hot foam and dye are released. The dye makes the money futile and the DNA particles make it easy to track.

At present, anti-theft ATM machines are high-cost and complicated. But it costs only forty dollars per machine to install one square meter of this film and it is very effective too.

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

4 Million People Per Year Die from Indoor Cooking Smoke | Cooking Smoke Causes Air Pollution

Open Fire Cooking

Air pollution is an alarmingly increasing global issue since many years. Starting from the choking chimneys and grey-brown skies of cities like Beijing and Delhi to the phthalates from carpets and furniture in our homes, everything results to pollution. But according to World Health Organization (WHO), there is another kind of air pollution, caused by cooking indoors over open fires, that kills about 4 million people a year.

The WHO roughly calculated that about seven million people die due to inhaling unhealthy smoke particles. The biggest culprit for these deaths is the indoor cooking fires. North Americans hardly cook over an open fire, but it still continues to be a part of daily life in many developing countries where firewood, coal, crop waste and dung are used as fuel to cook instead of gas.

Kirk Smith, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, says that having an indoor cooking fire is equivalent to burning 400 cigars an hour. As stated to an article in Quartz:

“The smoke from these fires pumps a harmful fug of fine particles and carbon monoxide into homes. Appalling ventilation then prevents that smoke from escaping, and fine smoke particle levels shoot up to 100 times higher than the limits that the WHO considers acceptable.”

Why cleaner alternatives to indoor cooking fires don't catch on in Developing Countries?

There are interesting reasons to the question. For example, the indigenous Mayans, from the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, use indoor cooking fires with three symbolic stones. When the ventilation was improved, the thatch didn't last long. The most interesting thing is that, the smoke from these fires keeps away the bugs and insects that cause damage to the thatch and lasts for 20 to 30 years.

The Mayans are unwilling to get rid of their three stones, because they represent the traditional role of women. The infant girls advance from a swaddled position to straddled position with open legs as soon as they turn three months old, which is related to the three symbolic stones. In contrast, infant boys have their legs opened at the age of four months in honour of the four corners of the corn fields where maize is grown for making tortillas to serve at every meal.

Of course, other cultures have similar beliefs and justifiable reasons for plunging with traditional cooking fires. But the smoky cooking fires put the children in risk as they spend their time with their mothers who is involved in cooking most of the time. So there is need to change a few things in their customs.

It is the indoor cooking smoke that is responsible for respiratory infections in children. More than half of them are killed and are less than 5 years of age. With a total of 11,000 people dying daily from cooking smoke, it is very much necessary for us to think about.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Away From Apartheid | Nature Democracy | Rights of Nature

Apartheid! This word generally reminds us of Africa and the discrimination and ill-treatment given to the Black Race (Negros) there.

What does Apartheid actually mean?

Cormav Cullinan, a prominent personality of South Africa is of the opinion that Apartheid means separateness. Separatism is the source of all disharmony and violence. It leads to vicious behavior and hostility. The stronger party recklessly exploits the other party and harms it ruthlessly. This is what the Whites did to the Blacks in Africa.

Now, why not try to apply this term in a broader sense? This sort of discrimination and separateness exists in many forms around us. It exists between men and women, rich and poor, high class and low class, etc. But it is not just between people. It exists even between people and the environment. This is the focal point of this article.

Separatism between environment and people can be termed as Eco-Apartheid. This refers to the idea that human beings are not a part of environment. This is a belief which human beings strongly believe in and follow. They think of themselves as superior beings, who have the right to rule over the nature and can exploit it at their will. This idea has led to the destruction of nature, with least concern for its importance.

This conflict against Nature, which is still ongoing, first began with this idea of separatism. It began when the living, pulsating Earth was transmuted into dead matter to facilitate the Industrial Revolution. Mother Earth came to be seen as raw material, dead matter and empty land. This shift of perspective - from Nature as a living mother - to that of inert, dead and controllable matter - suited the activities of entrepreneurs very well.

Scientific revolution and the rise of modern science created dominating images of science and man, and portrayed Earth as just unrefined stuff, waiting to get processed and refined by man. This image replaced the image of the nurturing Earth and created a smooth pathway for the exploitation of nature. Nature is just treated as raw material, which needs to be subjected to conquered and processed by man in order to make it useful and valuable.

This attitude towards nature can be credited to Francis Bacon, called “The father of modern Science” by many, who said that

“Science and the inventions that result do not merely exert a gentle guidance over nature’s course; they have the power to conquer and subdue her, to shake her to her foundations.”
Thus he created a dominating image of the scientific revolution. From then on, activities carried out on Earth became more based on the idea of Anthropocentrism i.e. Man-Centrism. These in turn lead to an increase in consumerism, greed, conquest, accumulation and violence.

Now, what is to be done to save the Earth?

First, we need to shift our viewpoint from Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism. We need to overpower this phantom of separateness of humans from nature. We need to realize that we are an inseparable part of nature; hence we cannot damage nature without severely damaging ourselves.

Nature Democracy needs to be established. We need to recognize the Rights of Nature.

This refers to:

  • The freedom of all species to evolve in the Web of Life.
  • The freedom and responsibility of humans, to recognize, secure and respect the rights of other species.
Since all humans are dependent on Nature to satisfy their needs, Nature Democracy ultimately leads to human rights to safe and sufficient food and water. It leads to freedom from malnutrition, hunger and thirst.

Nature is the best teacher for man. Biodiversity of nature teaches freedom, co-operation and mutual giving. There is a unifying principle of life in the diversity of Nature. It is this unity in diversity that is the base of environmental sustainability.

Diversity without Unity becomes the source of conflict. Unity without Diversity becomes the place for external control. So, humans need to unite with nature and follow this belief of Unity in Diversity.

Environmental Issues

Updated: November

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