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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Global Warming Adaptation - Its Effects On Humans

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Global warming is the current hot topic in this world. It is nothing but we need to adapt to the climate change. Adaptation to global warming may be planned. For example, it can be done by local or national government, or spontaneous groups, i.e., done privately without government intervention. The ability to adapt links to socioeconomic development. A good planned adaptation is working on a limited basis. The other policy, i.e., engineering of the climate (geoengineering) is grouped together with mitigation. It is because of its largely unproven, and reliable cost estimates that has made not to be published.

What could be the effects if we adapt to Global Warming? 

  • Technologies improve even in developing countries as they think about availability of a moderate life. 
  • We need to stop industries that pollute air and this leads to loss of profit to the country. But it is difficult to completely shut down industries. So, effective measurements, such as using filters in the chimneys and neutralize acidic wastes, should be implemented.
  • Use of fuels will be reduced as renewable resources like windmills, solar energy, etc come into picture and this reduces global warming.
  • The environment will be greener. 
  • Controlling of plastic usage will have a healthy environment.

What could happen if we don't adapt to Global Warming?

  • Glaciers start to melt down, causing rise in sea levels and people start to migrate to higher lands. 
  • Heat waves will increase. For example, Europe is warm because of the Gulf Stream that blows across. 
  • Flora and fauna may get extinct, leading to imbalance in the ecosystem. A good example is the spread of Africanized bees and Fire Ants. 
  • Results in deluge and drought.
  • Rise in weird diseases.
  • Summers becomes longer than winters.  
  • Deaths occur due terrible hotness and insufficient drinking water.
Adaptation to Global Warming is in our fists. Life or death depends on our activities. 


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