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Friday, 4 April 2014

Will Morning Light Affect Your Weight?

Morning Light

Have you ever wondered that access to the morning light can affect your weight? Recent study firmly declared that "The morning light influences your sleep and also circadian timings which have affected weight regulation" and proves that people who have access to lots of morning light have a lower grade body mass indices. Moreover, its not just natural light, but it is the timing that matters. For example, early birds are to be scraggier than night owls.

Daily Mail shows some interesting design lessons into a tale of how sunbathing in the morning can help in losing your weight. It is getting an abundant natural light that matters.

Dr. Phyllis Zee, who is one of the senior authors of the study, quoted in Health Day that,

"If possible, try to be exposed to morning light. Also walk in the glaring outdoor light if you can. If you cant go outdoors, work near your window. If you can't go near your window, work in an environment which is well lit"
Color of light matters

We all know that the color of natural light keeps changing throughout the day. When the sun is lower, you find the morning sun blue as the light passes through layers of atmosphere filtering the color. This is significant:

The natural changes in intensity and wavelength in composition of morning light compared to the afternoon or evening light can explain the differential effect in the pattern and BMI (Body Mass Index). For example, in the morning, the amount of blue light is generally higher as its a shorter wavelength. And it is the blue that has a striking effect on circadian system and ultimately curb the
nocturnal melatonin secretion.

Artificial light cannot aid in reducing your weight. Now,don't blame Thomas Alva Edison for making you fat! Who knows, LED lights like Philips Hue can be a weight loss aid in coming days.

Place of living matter

Suppose you sleep in third floor facing east, you will surely enjoy waking up when morning light floods in. And design homes such that you have maximal morning light in your bedrooms.

Another doctor says that:

I think there are evidences to convey that morning light influence the metabolic changes and BMI. As 67% of Americans being obese, this study is certainly an intercession worth looking upon.
The study ceases:
Light is an eloquent biological signal and proper intensity and duration of exposure to morning light can reduce the risk factor of obesity in present-day society.

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