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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dogs Make It Special For You | Dogs Know Whether You Are Happy or Upset


Do you have a pet dog in your home?

If yes, you are lucky to have a cheerful companion. Nevertheless, it is so wistful to hear that, on an average, dogs live for 15-25 years. Dogs do have feelings. It hurts his heart when you are away for a long time. Slowly he becomes a member of your family. You don't wig out when he jumps on you or lick your face. At times, he makes you feel elated when you are disturbed and you talk to him even though you are certain that he doesn't understand the language. He also protects you when you are in danger. No matter how busy you are, you still spend a bit of time with him. He trusts you extremely that you mean the world to him. Dogs can understand the emotions of other species.

The contemporary research unveils the fact that an animal, which can distinguish the feelings or emotional expressions in other species.

Are dogs truly able to distinguish between a delighted man and an angry man?

There has been innumerable experiments taken up to determine whether dogs can differentiate between our emotional expressions, although the studies stand inconclusive. In the recent Cell Press journal Current Biology shows that in their attempt, dogs could select the happy or angry face. Facial expressions helped the dogs to distinguish the moods.

Ludwig Huber, lead researcher and senior author, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, aforesaid that,

"Our study explains that dogs do distinguish happy and angry appearance in humans. They can say that these two expressions have different denotations. They can say this not only for known people, but also for strangers whose faces were never seen before."

Consequently, this is the first proof that an animal other than human can distinguish between emotional expressions in humans.

The bond between humans and their favourite pets is extraordinary and sweet. Researchers are still working to gain enhanced insights into the emotional lives of animals.

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