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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Carbon Farming: The New Low-Tech Climate Solution

Carbon Farming

Securing forests is a low-tech approach to store carbon that has a lot of attention in efforts to combat global warming. Presently, another method for sequestering carbon is beginning to catch the attention of policy makers: carbon farming.

As moderators in Paris keep on working towards an international agreement to combat heartbreaking levels of climate change, numerous side events and agreements are likewise happening. One among those agreements is the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, which was signed by various nations, NGOs and organizations, and is intending to give functional rules to climate solutions. The solutions touch on various areas, from finance to building to woodlands.

One among those climate solutions is the plan to push carbon farming, a sort of agricultural production that increases soil carbon. Supporters of organic agriculture have called this kind of farming long back, in some cases called No Till farming, however this is the first time soil carbon has been formally incorporated into a global arrangement to fight climate change.

Advantages of Carbon Farming

Most current farming utilizes tilling to remove weeds and make it easier to plant, however this procedure likewise releases carbon from soil into the air as carbon dioxide (CO2). The advantages of carbon farming are two-fold. To start with, it reverses the process of releasing carbon, and rather hauls carbon out of the air. Second, it can enhance the soil without inorganic fertilizers and prompts better crop production.

Rattan Lal, a soil science professor and originator of the Carbon Management and Sequestration Center at Ohio State University, said that soil carbon is key to soil biodiversity and nutrient storage, and soil with more carbon is better at holding water.

Lima-Paris Action Agenda is requesting NGOs and governments to help advance soil farming as a feature of sustainable agriculture programs. It's known as the '4/1000 Initiative', as indicated by the agreement's authors, a 0.004% increase in the world's aggregate carbon stock "would make it conceivable to stop the present increment in atmospheric
CO2". The authors recognize this isn't a sensible objective, yet say they need to highlight how much of a difference even a little increment in soil carbon could roll out to climate change.

Soil carbon might appear like a really theoretical idea, it's something that even home gardeners can help increase.

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