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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ways to Stop or Reduce Pimples Naturally - Stop Acne Pimples


Adolescence is tough without having to worry about acne. The biggest war for teens is to fight against pimples or acne. They are unfortunate skin problems that many people face in their lives making faces look ugly. DO NOT WORRY! There are many options for the cure of pimples naturally. Use of extracts of different plants, vegetables, fruits, etc. can get acne under control. These home remedies are very simple and easily available too. Do remember that its not possible to get rid of pimples overnight. The main culprit is acne bacteria. Find out which method works for you. This article has a solution for everyone.

How to Prevent or Stop Pimples?

1. Wash your face twice in a day.

One of the reasons for acne is blocking of pores by dirt and oil. Washing your face daily using warm water removes oil, dirt, impurities that were built on your skin during that day. Doing this in every morning and in the evening keeps your face clean. We use warm water so that our skin expands and makes it easy to remove the impurities on the skin. Just pat your face using a dry cloth. Don't scrub your face hard.

Note: Don't wash your face more than twice a day because it makes your skin dry and increases the vulnerability of acne.


2. Don't touch your pimples.

Never try to touch your pimples, especially using your nails. The bacteria spread over that region and causes infections and chances are high that even more pimples may pop up. Moreover, it leaves scars or spots on your face, which can last for years.

3. Have good diet, proper sleep and drink plenty of water.

Stay away from oily foods, high sugar content, fats. It is better to stop consuming dairy products because they contain fats. Have proper sleep, about 8-9 hours a day. Stress also increases acne. And drink plenty of water so that it keeps your skin hydrated.

4. Prevent acne before it starts.

Don't wait till you get pimples. Cleansing have to be done everyday, even if you are not an acne sufferer. Washing your face at nights is preferable.

5. Meet A Dermatologist and talk about your pimples.

Talk to a dermatologist just to get plugged in with the doctor and on good regimen, and not to become a sufferer and see the doctor every time in future.

Here are some remedies which are purely from the environment to stop pimples.

1. Honey

Honey is an amazing healing product which antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic and awesome choice to fight pimples. Apply it as face pack and leave the pack as long as you can because it is non-irritating. Use raw honey if possible.

2. Tomato

Tomato contains Vitamin A and C which is required for the improvement of skin. It acts as a natural astringent, causing the surface of the pimple to shrink and contract. Just cut the fresh tomato and apply the juice on face twice a day for better result.

3. Use Lemon

Lemon has high quantities of Vitamin C and Citric acid which helps in drying pimples. Apply the juice before bed and leave it for a whole night. It may be irritating initially, but reduces later on.

Note: Don't apply the juice and walk out during the day because it darkens your skin when exposed to the sun.

4. Apply Face Pack

The ingredients required for preparing this pack are:

  • Cucumber
  • Potato
  • Basin powder
  • Lemon juice
Crush cucumber and potato to make a paste. Then add the basin powder to it. Later, add 4-5 spoons of lemon juice to the paste. Apply this on your face for 15 minutes and then wash your face using warm water.

5. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an excellent remedy for fighting pimples. It may be expensive, but it fights acne and glows your skin. Make a pack using sandalwood powder and rosewater and leave it overnight.

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