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Monday, 31 March 2014

9 Weeds that are Edible in Your Garden

It is common that many homeowners, gardeners fight in their gardens against weeds. Usually we cut them and throw away thinking it as waste. But not all are waste. Some are edible and good for health.

We put a lot of money, time, and energy in bringing up our plants. But, weeds take in majority of the nutrients and spoil your plants in the garden. When we find a weed, there comes trowel and hoe to cut those weeds. Now, its too bad, because many weeds are not only nutritious and edible, but can be an addition to your meals.

Many people buy and eat only the ones which are sold in grocery store. But no one cares for those that grow in their homes. Dandelion and purslane are bought only when they are in the market. Not all weeds are available in the market, they are found in our own garden beds and lawns.

Here are some common weeds that can be edible and used for medicine.

1. Dandelion


These weeds usually grow in lawns. Every part, from roots to blossoms, of this weed is very tasty when eaten it raw or cooked. They can also be steamed and added to green salads. The blossoms are sweet and crunchy when fried and breaded. The roots can be dried or roasted and can be used as coffee substitute.

2. Purslane

Purslane are found in moist lawns, garden beds and shady areas. This garden weed is a nutritional powerhouse since it contains more omega-3 fatty acids, which is greater than any other leafy vegetable. It thickens soups and adds a peppery flavor to any food.

3. Clover


This weed is almost unnoticed by us. Honeybees and bumblebees feed on these weeds. Moreover, its leaves and flowers add variety to foods.

4. Lamb's Quarters


The Lamb's Quarters, also called as goosefoot, have young shoots and leaves which can be eaten raw in any dish or steamed and used where spinach is required. Its seeds resemble quinoa. But it requires lots of patience to gather them.

5. Plantain


Plantain (not the tropical fruit) is not only a medicinal plant that soothes burns, rashes, wounds and stings, but also a great edible leaf. Its young leaves can be cooked, boiled, steamed and old leaves are bit tough.

6. Chickweed


This unassuming weed can be used for cooking food and prepare medicine. Its leaves, flowers, stem can be eaten raw or also cooked which adds a spinach like taste. 

7. Mallow

Mallow, also called as Cheeseweed, because of its shape like a seed pod. It is found in many garden beds and lawns in the US. The seed pods and leaves are both edible, as they are tender, smaller and less mature.

8. Wild Amaranth

Wild Amaranth

Wild Amaranth, which is also called Pigweed, has softer and tastier leaves. They are a good source of protein content. These can also be cooked as a whole grain like spinach.

9. Curly Dock

Curly Dock
Curly Dock (also known as Yellow Dock) leaves can be consumed raw when they are young, or cooked when they are older. The mature seeds can be roasted and used as coffee substitute. Since it has high oxalic acid, it is better to eat moderately.

Disclaimer: Before you start eating the weeds of your garden or lawn, be sure that you have identified them as an edible plant, and know how to make them. Unless you are sure, don't try to eat them. Sometimes, they may be sprayed with pesticides.

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