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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Eco Sidewalks in Netherlands Eat Urban Smog


The eco-makeover of urban still continues to be needed. Initially, we have found white roofs. Later, came pavement. Now, we have smog-eating concrete. These are the sidewalks which taste the filthy air.

One of the main air pollutant is Smog, i.e., combination of smoke and fog together and falls under the category of secondary pollutants. It is derived from internal combustion in engines, combustion of carbon like coal, photochemical smog,
vehicle emissions, land and forest fires, and many other natural causes.

An experiment went was performed by scientists of the Eindhoyen University of Technology. They had installed air-purifying cement on pavements of Hengelo, in the Netherlands. The result was that, Nitrogen oxide reduced up to 45% in proper weather conditions. On an average, there was almost a reduction of 19% Nitrogen Dioxide each day.

Researchers state that the concrete is made by 'photocatalytic' and sprayed with a Titanium Dioxide chemical which neutralizes the air pollutants.

So, what is Beijing looking for? The most dense smog is found in Beijing to find a solution using this new stuff.

Just like the public work projects, everything goes down when it comes to the COST. Titanium dioxide is very expensive indeed.

We still have alternatives. With product tinkering and reduction in price, air-scrubbing pavements, could be stamping ground in the future.


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