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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mosquito: The World's Deadliest Animal is Mosquito


If you have asked a random stranger on the street that which animal kills the most people every year, then you would probably get interesting answers like 'sharks', 'snakes', 'dogs', or even 'scorpions', but I don't think you would get the right answer.

The second spot of the deadliest animals is of course the humans, who are very good at killing others, with almost half million deaths per year. But the first spot is held by a wide margin by mosquitoes, with almost 725,000 deaths per year (and about 200 million people are being sick at a time).

The mosquitoes are a family of midge like flies, the Culicidae. Even though some species are harmless or useful to humanity, most of mosquitoes are considered a nuisance as they consume blood of vertebrates, including the human beings. Females of many species of the mosquitoes are blood eating pests and are responsible for many mosquito diseases. What actually happens is that, when they feed on blood, these mosquitoes transmit very harmful microbes in to human and livestock and cause malaria, dengue, yellow fever and filariasis.

Bill Gates said that,
"Sharks kill a very few people every year and in the United States sharks, get a week dedicated to sharks in a TV channel every year. Mosquitoes kill about 50,00 times as many people, but if there was Mosquito week featured in a TV channel, I have not heard it."
Where are mosquitoes found? How do these mosquitoes affect humans?

Mosquitoes are found in about 2,500 species on the Earth everywhere except in Antarctica as it is too cold for their living. Mosquito borne diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. threaten about 3 billion people and it causes a loss of many billion dollars every year like the money spent on eradication of these diseases. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working very hard on this problem and Bill Gates is holding a Mosquito Week to raise the awareness about the problem caused due to mosquitoes by writing notes in his .

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