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Thursday, 1 May 2014

SunJack Solar Charger - Get Jacked With This Portable Solar Charger

SunJack Solar Charger

When you are traveling in the regions where you don't find outlets or extension chords to charge your mobile, the best thing you can use is the new portable, powerful, effective and affordable solar charger to offgrid personal power.

There has been a surge in both advances and need in personal solar chargers last few years. The recent innovations in these small solar chargers can be more convenient for battery powered devices while traveling. These are perfect for emergency preparedness kits, but are really good at home and city as well, which can serve as everyday chargers for mobiles.

The latest social good component, portable solar charger, also called a SunJack solar charger, is founded by Harold Tan. He is coupling sales and development to help bring healthy and non-toxic lighting in Papua New Guinea villages.

How does a SunJack solar charger work?

The SunJack solar charger is in two versions, one is 14W and the other is 20W. It has a removable lithium polymer battery pack which can double the duty of charging two devices at the same time. The 14W model has a single 8,000mAh battery and charges within 5 hours. The 20W model has two such batteries which provides sufficient capacity for multiple Smartphone charges.

This SunJack solar charger is better than other similar chargers because of its proprietary USB port. According to Tan,

"We have found the way to fill up the battery from sunlight, i.e., you are able to get more water from your faucet faster. The SunJack is able to flow more electrons into the battery than any other solar charger, which means you have speedy portable charger."

The solar panels of SunJack solar charger, which are foldable and also holds batteries, are made of high efficiency (approx. 19%) mono-crystalline solar cells with integrated loops. The larger solar charger weighs about 2.7lbs, and 8.5'' x 12'' x 1.75'' when it is closed, which enables you to take it anywhere.

Tan started a campaign on Kickstarter, to launch this energy independence, portable solar device, which can rise to $33,000 for large production. Backers of the campaign can have significant discount on SunJack solar chargers of their own (the 20W SunJack's retail price is $250, but the backers can buy one for $169), or gift one of those SunJack solar chargers or an LED light bulbs to Papua New Guinea villagers instead.

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