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Friday, 3 April 2015

The Contemporary Recycling Technology Of Plastic Works Without Water | Plastic Recycling Technology

Plastic Recycle

We all are familiar about the three R's and they occur in the order: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There is a purpose for this order. To surely reduce the environmental impact, recycling will be the last stuff after the other two options are exhausted.

Recycling is absolutely fascinating. It grants materials of used objects to turn something new and saves resources over new materials. Nevertheless, the regrettable part of recycling is the intense use of water and energy. Usually, plastic is washed with detergents and it is then ground into beads. These beads are dried by exposing them to 180 degree Celsius heat to crystallize and then cooled with water.

The New Method of Recycling Plastic

A contemporary process uncoiled by Ak Inovex in Mexico recycles plastic without the use of water. It forms plastic beads with no high temperatures either. Thus, the technology uses only half of the energy of conventional methods.

This water-free simple method needs less space and can process more than 90% of any type of plastic, such as styrofoam, PET, ABS and polystyrene and the beads produced have higher quality.

According to Gizmag, the technology uses special walls which can both mold the plastic into any shape and cool them at the same time.

The consequent phase is to take over the lye detergent with a special biodetergent which makes the process even safer and cheaper. The company is now partnering with ALINSA group, which is a company in making Eco-friendly cleaning products using biodegradable chemicals.

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