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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Teen Powers Your Gadgets From A Hot Coffee Mug | Makosinski's E-Drink To Power Your Gadgets

Coffee Mug

We learn many things from teens who are already transforming the world and giving us sententious aspiration for the future. They are inventing ways to recycle plastic without water, charge your electronic gadgets using the SunJack Solar Charger and increase the fertility of soil by vermicompost.

One of the best known teens of clean technology inventors is Ann Makosinski, aged 17 years. At the age of 15, she had won the blue ribbon in the Google Science Fair, for developing a flashlight which was powered by the heat produced by hand. The Peltier tiles, which cover the flashlight, are responsible for generating electricity from the temperature difference occurring between the outer surroundings and inner surroundings of the Peltier tiles.

The New Technology "E-Drink" Developed By Ann Makonsinski

Makosinski has developed a new technology called the "E-Drink" using the same Peltier tiles that she will soon present at a science exhibition in Pittsburgh. The "E-Drink" is a coffee cup covered with the Peltier tiles uses the heat of the hot coffee or any beverage to charger your gadgets with the help of USB port on the bottom of the coffee cup. Thus, your morning ritual of drinking hot coffee can top off your gadget's battery with clean energy.

Makosinski said that,

"You would be waiting and waiting for your hot drink to cool down so you can drink. Meanwhile, why not harvest electricity by converting the lost heat energy?"

Makosinski is not giving much information about the E-Drink. Nevertheless, her body heat powered flashlight is a big success and going into production and soon it will have mass distribution. It is very clear that we will soon be reading more about the E-Drink.

You can watch this video of Makosinski below.

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