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Sunday, 24 May 2015

5 Easy Ways To Straighten Hair Naturally | Best Way To Straighten Hair Naturally At Home

Straighten Hair

Heat and chemical straighteners can spoil your hair over time. Preferably, you can try other healthier methods to persuade your hair to the style you wish.

It is stylish, pleasing and comfortable to have straight hair, especially during winter. The hitch is that many gadgets, like chemical and heat straighteners, are ruinous to your hair. They split the ends, dry your hair, and straighten your hair that is not quite attractive as it once was.

Providentially, there are easy ways for spurring curly hair to straighten naturally, without the aid of heat or chemicals. You cannot get pin-straight hair look from the iron. Nevertheless, you will have lusty hair which is more or less straight. Choose the best method among the following to straighten your hair naturally.

Ways To Straighten Your Hair Naturally

1. Brush your wet hair till it gets dried

Let your wet hair get dried completely by continuing to brush it once in five minutes. Hold a section of hair and pull out for few seconds to sway it to straighten out. To make this process faster, stand in front of a fan, but it needs constant brushing.

2. Cover your wet hair tightly

Comb your wet hair and divide it down the center. Comb the left section all the way over the right portion and wrap around the back of head with bobby pins. Snap the right portion over the left and wrap with pin. Allow it to air dry completely. You can also cover with silk scarf to reduce crimp.

3. Now roll your hair

Roll sections of wet hair with large rollers, which are of the size of soda cans, and cover them tightly against your head. Make sure it gets dried completely, because, even small amount of moisture can make your hair wavy.

4. Overnight hair hands

Cleave the wet hair into one or two low ponytails. Tie them with a soft hair elastic in order to hold it together. The elastics should be fairly loose so that they don't mark on your hair. Go to bed and unfold it in the morning.

5. Easy natural straightening mask

Here, we make a milk and honey mask. Mix one cup of whole milk or coconut milk and one tbsp of honey to it. Soak it into your hair and scalp for an hour before washing.

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You can also try mixing couple cups of milk with one egg and soak your hair for ten minutes. Squeeze out, and make sure you don't rinse it. Wrap it with a plastic cover for half an hour, wash it and brush dry.

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Try these methods by adding a few drops of coconut oil or sweet almond to vapid curls and smooth out the fresh look.

You can also add your ways of straightening hair naturally by commenting below.

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