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Friday, 1 May 2015

Antarctica Getting Hotter Every Week | Antarctica Never Been So Hot

If you had to set high temperature records, then Antarctica would certainly not come to your mind. The poles of our planet Earth are getting warm faster than the rest. NASA explains that the energy in the atmosphere is carried to the poles by large weather systems. Obviously, records tend to fall quickly.

Dr. Jeff Masters, Weather Underground states that,

"The warmest temperature ever noted by Argentina's Esperanza Base in Antarctica occurred on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 when the mercury went up to 17.5°C."

When was the previous record in Antarctica?

Well, it was the day before, the previous warmest temperature noted in Antarctica was 17.4°C at Argentina's Marambio Base which is just off the coast of the Antarctica Peninsula.

Before this happened, you have to go back to April 24, 1961. On this day, the Esperanza Base recorded that the mercury touched 17.1°C which was considered the highest at that time.

The World Meteorological Organization had no time to certify that the last couple of week's temperatures are all-time records for Antarctica. Nevertheless, Argentinian weather service has confirmed that the temperatures noted at Esperanza Base and Marambio Base were highest temperatures ever measured at these sites. You can find lot more information about the temperature records in Antarctica here.

Does this small heat affect Antarctica?

We may think that this small accretion in temperature is not a big deal. I say it is a wrong postulation. All this warmth is affecting the ice, and approximately Antarctica loses 160 billion tonnes of ice every year. This results in increase of sea level. There is also an ozone hole which is about the size of North America. Moreover, there is even trash problem on King George's Island.
Do we have any safer place to live? Ponder on it.

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